Monday, 10 February 2014

What is so wrong with just going out for a ride?

I spent a little bit of time at the gym this weekend and noticed that several rooms were full of parents watching their kids get involved in different sports from Taekwondo to Swimming and Indoor Football.
I think it's great that the parents are getting there kids involved in fitness and sport, it reminds me of an old (UK) TV show called "Why Don't You?"

 It made me think though; this is Saturday morning...and whilst the kids were happy learning a new skill and getting some good exercise, the parents were swilling bad coffee and sweating away in a sports centre reception.  Surely there must be more of an opportunity for families to get active together and have a great time.

Of course there is and whilst many of my friends with kids are telling me that they don't have time to get fit, I get the feeling they are missing the point....

So to these friends I issue a the words of the TV theme tune to...

"Why don't you, switch off your television set go out and do something less boring instead!"

If you want a slightly more extreme solution then you could share the pic below with you friends but I refuse to smash my TV as then I would have nothing to watch Star Wars on (over and over again)

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