Monday, 18 April 2011

Sea Otter 2011 - I'm not jealous!!

This is not a rant and I am not jealous but.....I can't believe I didn't get to The Sea Otter Classic this year.  I was given the chance and I was so busy in spreadsheet hell that I missed it.

If you don't know what Sea Otter is then it is not;

(The sea otter (Enhydra lutris) is a marine mammal native to the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean. Adult sea otters typically weigh between 14 and 45 kg (30 to 100 lb), making them the heaviest members of the weasel family, but among the smallest marine mammals. Unlike most marine mammals, the sea otter's primary form of insulation is an exceptionally thick coat of fur, the densest in the animal kingdom. Although it can walk on land, the sea otter lives mostly in the ocean.)

It is in fact;

(Sea Otter Classic is a bicycling and outdoor life sports festival and trade show held on the former Fort Ord in Monterey, California since 1990. The classic is named in honor of the sea otter, an indigenous mammal which flourishes on the neighboringPacific Coast.) ...God I love wikipedia.

Why am I upset at not being able to go, because they do cool shit like this

and this

Can you guess where I was instead, check out this rocking video from my village

I should have remembered...Two Wheels Are Better O--'O

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Does our conscious mind make us poorer riders?

Does human arrogance and the ability for abstract thought lead to us ignoring our instincts and therefore make us poorer riders.

It's a very philosophical question I hope these videos will help us answer;

Fooled you didn't I.  

You thought I was being all deep when I'm really as shallow as a puddle.  If I am being honest I am completely against animal cruelty (Fully paid up WWF member) but if they are going to have to ride....

Remember Two Wheels are Better 0--'0

British Downhill Series in the Sun

here is a little vid from the BDS this week.  Nice vid in nice weather and nice promo girl.  I have  to say that her sport knowledge is a little gappy though....WHY NOT!! Halo BDS rd2 Moelfre from Wideopen Mag on Vimeo.

Remember Two Wheels are Better 0--'0

Two Wheel Fashion - Do Not Wear This At Home - Part 1 Cyclists

As a recent convert to cycling the most important question I have to answer is not what to ride, but rather what to wear on my bike.  What is the pinnacle of cycling chic and will mark me out amongst my peers as a cyclist of note.

I was sent a few suggestions below by my (ahem) friends.

 It looks like Lemmy used to be a keen cyclist along with his mate Wally (of Where's Wally Fame)

From "Where's Wally" to Where is the willy?

When wearing tight lycra shorts should you dress to the left or right, will anyone notice?

 For those of us who cycle to hide that few extra pounds we have gained over Lycra the way to go?

This picture speaks for itself and needs absolutely no comment whatsoever...

It's not only roadies who suffer from bright lycra addicition as this 'Mountain Biking' mag cover from back in the day shows

FInally on a topical note let me leave you with a question that crosses both the fashion and the cycle safety debate....

Not fashion related but I had a little thought, if I wired the set up below to our TV my missus would be able to watch Eastenders and excercise at the same I a loving husband or what

Remember Two Wheels are Better 0--'0

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cycle Crashes can be spectacular

Most people think that of all two wheeled crashes that cycling crashes are the least painful.  Tell that to these guys;

Then there are the smaller crashes (is it wrong that I really wanted the little fella at the back to win)

Still  this is the worst I have seen, don't worry the guy survived.

So next time you see someone wipe out on their petrol fuelled machine, remember pedals can be dangerous too.

Still Remember Two Wheels Are Better 0--'0

Sometimes things are just funny

Quick one this morning as I logged onto BikeRadar this morning to be confronted with this picture of some Aero Bars.

I am not ashamed of the fact I laughed and I suspect that the person who took this photo was looking to create a metaphor relating to the quality of the product.

Remember Two Wheels are Better 0--'0

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lee Evans on Track Cycling

No comments to add here just a very funny video from a very funny man

Remember Two Wheels are Better 0--'0

Crazy Bike Pics

Thought I'd be a little lazy today and simply post a few pics of some crazy bikes that I have been sent.

Which looks more crazy the bike or the rider?

This one is crazy as it is clearly a replica of a beer bike with no beer.

No explanation required

Can anyone think what the point of this bike is?

Recently uploaded on MCN this is just wrong, it looks like the rider is trying to shag it.

Believe it or not this is a push bike with a pulse jet engine.  Want to know what a pulse jet engine is click here

I have no idea if these wheels are useful or decorative but if I had to cycle home drunk I would choose this bike.

Now for the least crazy bike in the world and what can only be deemed as an epic fail on a custom bike opportunity.

The Tron Lightcycle.  It looks sweet on the playboy shoot and in the movie but just watch it groan across this car park.

Massive bunch of arse...remember Two Wheels are Better (unless it's a shit lightcycle) 0--'0

Monday, 11 April 2011

How do you get the best of motor and mountain bike?

One would suggest that this has already been achieved with Motocross but cross bikes are a little heavy and a lot dangerous.

As I have been researching e-bikes recently for work I thought I'd stray and look at petrol fueled pushbikes?

no not mopeds but proper mountain bikes that just happen to have a little extra zip and I found this.

It's called a Derbi DH 2.0 and is currently a concept bike.  It only weighs 88lbs dry and apparently the name DERBI means DERived from BIcycle!

I couldn't find a video of the DERBI DH 2.0 in action but thought that in the meantime this might cheer you all up.

Remember Two Wheels are Better...0--'0

Friday, 8 April 2011

OK so it's three wheels but looks like cool fun...

Recently as I was surfing through YouTube to try and find some nice pics of riding spots in sunny Scotland (Yes it is sunny) I happened to type in the phrase Arthur's Seat.

For those not in the know Arthur's seat is a volcanic plug that sits in the heart of Scotland's second largest city and our capital Edinburgh.

 I was looking for this cool video of urban-ish snowboarders and mountain bikers playing in harmony (the mountain biker comes in at 3:32).  This happened in Dec 2010 when we got all that groovy snow.

What I found by accident was this rather cool video from HuffySlider.  Apparently there is an Arthur's Seat in Australia and they also have these really cool bikes.

I want one!!!

Remember two wheels are better..0--'0 (or three in this case)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Favourite BMX Stunt - Matt Hoffman on a Massive Ramp

Everybody loves a good extreme stunt video but generally these days it's X-Fighters or Dirt Jumping on suspension bikes that cushion the impact.

Where is the guts and the gusto?  Where is the pain?  Where is the Evel Knievel spirit?

My all time favourite bike stunt video is still this one where Matt Hoffman set the highest air world record, on a BMX......OK he was towed by a motocross bike but even The Condor can't pedal that fast.

Can you think of a better video?  Post a link in the comments thread and I'll stick them up if I deem them worthy.

Remember Two Wheels are Better  0--`0

Welcome to 2WB

Welcome to my first post on 2WB (Two Wheels Better).  It seems only fair that the first post should tackle the big subject of the weekend Rossi vs Stoner @ Jerez.

What do you think?

Did Rossi take Stoner out? Did the marshalls aid Rossi to the detriment of Stoner?  Who cares?

Marco Simoncelli was winning the race before the idiot did this;

All I can say is that it was great to watch and I really can't wait to see the rest of the season.  Please. please, please will someone wipe the smile of Jorge Lorenzo's smug little face

Otherwise next time the slimy git jumps into that reservoir I may be waiting at the bottom to hold him under by his ankles.  

Now lets put all this silly arguing away and get back to what is really important about the MotoGP