Thursday, 19 March 2015

Amazon Discount Cycling Gear trick

When you think about cycling gear you don't normally think about Amazon.  They sell books and DVD's and shit costumes for party's that you can't be bothered making your own for.
Well generally that's true but they are also a marketplace (like e-bay) where other retailers can list their stock and where you can find the odd bargain or six.

They wont have all the brand gear you want but they do have a wide range of basics and staples like, tyres, tubes, lights, base layers and waterproofs.

What we also found is that they often sell some of this stuff at a discount.  So if you are looking for a bargain click here and bookmark this page.

Then scroll down till you see the icons below and let the bargain shopping commence.

Remember though to make sure you use your local bike shop for buying and servicing your bikes.

and never forget that....Two Wheels are Better.