Monday, 24 June 2013

At last something related to Cycling that is FREE

Today my friends at Cyclingnews have released a groovy little app for mobile and tablet devices that allows you to track (in real time) all the action from this years Tour de France.

What is so special about this app, it doesn't look mega pretty (I'm not a fan of purple) and it is largely a collection of bit's of content that you can find if you look hard enough elsewhere.  So why am I enjoying it, well mainly because it's Free and every other sporting app I buy usually costs me an arm and a leg.

Also because it gathers all this content into one place I don't have to look elsewhere for it (I am very lazy).  So I'll play with it this year and if they decide to get rid of the purple I may even use it for the Vuelta too.

You can find more details on the app here and if you are interested below is a pic of the riders I will be tracking in this years race.