Friday, 25 August 2017

Winter Mountain Bike Jackets for the UK

So every year I go out and buy a new winter MTB jacket and I never spend more than £50 and every year I find a new flaw in the jacket.


  • The seams aren't watertight
  • The arms are too tight
  • It looks like an acid house reject
  • It rubs on the neck
  • Water drips down my back and soaks my ass
This year thanks to reading the guide from my mates at WideopenMag to the Best Mountain Bike Waterproof Jackets under £100 I am going to buy this bad boy from Altura.

It's called the Altura Mayhem and should cost more than £35.  Anyone care to place a bet now on what is going to go wrong with this one.  Surely my luck is about to change.


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