Friday, 11 December 2015

Buying a cheap Mountain bike - how to

We have tried to pull a few of the best articles we an find together here with advice for beginners who are looking to buy a cheap mountain bike. Most of this is quite UK focussed (sorry but that is where we live) however the principals are the same where ever you live.

If you don't know your hardtail from your full suspension bike and your 26er from your 650b then you need to read this guide.

First thing is first...budget.

If you are looking for a champagne bike on lemonade budgets you are going to get burned.  Under £600 you want to stick to hardtail mountain bikes they are the foundation of mountain biking anyway.

So you have decided that hardtail is the way to go and you have a budget of under £500.  Have a look at this guide to the best 2016 mountain bikes under £500.

If you are too lazy to read that then we have two bikes for you to look at.  They are both stupidly cheap and both from retailers that most cyclists wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

We don't agree so here they are click on links under the pictures for more information;

Carrera Kraken

The Calibre Crag

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