Friday, 30 September 2011

More video proof that 2 wheels are the sexy future...

I know what floats your boat you dirty little buggers, the best performing post here to date is the sexy bike polo one.  So I thought lets trick them and put a serious pro two wheel piece of propaganda on here with a sexy title....and here you are!

(If you go to the bottom of the post I have put some pics there for mucky puppies)

The Real Post

I have been looking at cities where two wheels are the dominant form of transport and comparing them to the dreaded four wheeled hell of London's M25.

 I don't need to tell you the result as you know but just watch the videos below to confirm it.

Ho Chi Minh City



I know where I'd rather live, because....Two Wheels are Better.

I feel a little bad about tricking you so here are some saucy two wheeled pics to keep you going till the next post.


  1. Why not do a comparison with a junction in the uk instead of a motor way, where cycling isn't allowed. This one was June this year. Things are changing :)

  2. Hi Raymond, thanks for your comment.
    I am not however championing a cause just basically writing some, occasionally funny, anti car propaganda.

    Nice video though as it clearly shows that cycling is becoming more popular in the UK for commuting...long may it continue.