Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dougie Lampkin vs Danny Macaskill plus a bit of nostalgia

Sitting with a  mate. in the pub, the other day we started discussing who was the most skilled and famous two wheeled rider in the world.

The biggest issue with this question is; should a rider who is very skilled at one discipline out rank a rider who has great skills across a range of riding styles.  It's a difficult question but, over several beers and a rather fine malt, we narrowed it down to two riders that we feel reflect the best of both.

My vote is for Dougie Lampkin, he is multi skilled and as this video below shows he can ride with and without engine and even without wheels....I believe he is the epitome of why two wheels are better.

My mate however disagrees and reckons that a pure breed single discipline rider is the only way to attain two wheeled perfection.  His candidate is...Danny Macaskill and he cites "Way Back Home" as the ultimate two wheeled movie.

We could decide on no clear winner before last orders so the question remains unresolved. What do you think, who is the god of two wheels?  

One thing we did agree on is that it is neither Charlie Boorman or Ewan McGregor.

We also found this just for a giggle and wish that Channel 5 would bring it back to TV

Remember people that Two Wheels are Better no matter who is riding (even Charlie Boorman).

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