Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hill Climb Two wheels vs Four...Guess Which is Better?

So I am in Vegas (have I mentioned that already) and I am watching the Republican Presidential candidate debate last night (it was that or the same Thigh Master infomertial for the 100th time) and it struck me.....some things, like cars (and right wing political debate), are fundementally boring.

So I decided to try and think of a motor sport where cars might stand a chance of taking on two wheels  and providing a more interesting spectacle, I could think of none so I decided to ask a random American in the hotel bar (who turned out to be from Leeds).  He suggested that hill climbing was a sport where bikes could never be more exciting than cars.

So please take a look at the videos below and let me know if you agree with the chubby fake American from Leeds.

Dirt Bikes vs Hill

Push Bike vs Hill

Cars vs Hill

You see what I mean, there is no comparison, cars are truly boring and as with all things in life...Two Wheels are Better!

Also did you know that this man single handedly started the war in Iraq and is a known Goat Blower

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