Thursday, 14 April 2011

Two Wheel Fashion - Do Not Wear This At Home - Part 1 Cyclists

As a recent convert to cycling the most important question I have to answer is not what to ride, but rather what to wear on my bike.  What is the pinnacle of cycling chic and will mark me out amongst my peers as a cyclist of note.

I was sent a few suggestions below by my (ahem) friends.

 It looks like Lemmy used to be a keen cyclist along with his mate Wally (of Where's Wally Fame)

From "Where's Wally" to Where is the willy?

When wearing tight lycra shorts should you dress to the left or right, will anyone notice?

 For those of us who cycle to hide that few extra pounds we have gained over Lycra the way to go?

This picture speaks for itself and needs absolutely no comment whatsoever...

It's not only roadies who suffer from bright lycra addicition as this 'Mountain Biking' mag cover from back in the day shows

FInally on a topical note let me leave you with a question that crosses both the fashion and the cycle safety debate....

Not fashion related but I had a little thought, if I wired the set up below to our TV my missus would be able to watch Eastenders and excercise at the same I a loving husband or what

Remember Two Wheels are Better 0--'0

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