Friday, 8 April 2011

OK so it's three wheels but looks like cool fun...

Recently as I was surfing through YouTube to try and find some nice pics of riding spots in sunny Scotland (Yes it is sunny) I happened to type in the phrase Arthur's Seat.

For those not in the know Arthur's seat is a volcanic plug that sits in the heart of Scotland's second largest city and our capital Edinburgh.

 I was looking for this cool video of urban-ish snowboarders and mountain bikers playing in harmony (the mountain biker comes in at 3:32).  This happened in Dec 2010 when we got all that groovy snow.

What I found by accident was this rather cool video from HuffySlider.  Apparently there is an Arthur's Seat in Australia and they also have these really cool bikes.

I want one!!!

Remember two wheels are better..0--'0 (or three in this case)

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