Monday, 11 April 2011

How do you get the best of motor and mountain bike?

One would suggest that this has already been achieved with Motocross but cross bikes are a little heavy and a lot dangerous.

As I have been researching e-bikes recently for work I thought I'd stray and look at petrol fueled pushbikes?

no not mopeds but proper mountain bikes that just happen to have a little extra zip and I found this.

It's called a Derbi DH 2.0 and is currently a concept bike.  It only weighs 88lbs dry and apparently the name DERBI means DERived from BIcycle!

I couldn't find a video of the DERBI DH 2.0 in action but thought that in the meantime this might cheer you all up.

Remember Two Wheels are Better...0--'0

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