Friday, 20 December 2013

Some Great Bicycle Propaganda and Promotions

We have had so many images shared on our little Facebook page TwoWheelsBetter that we thought we would try and share some more of them on this blog.  This particular post shows some of the best reasons to cycle and some of our favourite bicycle propaganda pics that we were sent in 2012.  As soon as 2013 is over we will do another post so if your favourite pic isn't here then it might be in the next one.

I ride to put life in my days....who doesn't

Not everyone would agree but we are slowly hunting down those that don't and brainwashing them.

This one had never occurred to us as the TWB team are all blessed with superior posteriors but we can see why it might appeal to some.

This one is simply true on so many levels, unfortunately I only have one level but I am sure that you guys can appreciate it on more than one.

Occasionally Mad Boris (mayor of London) gets it right and even though he is crazier than a box of frogs we love his vision for a bike friendly London

Someone suggested to me that this one could be interpreted as being a bit dirty, but I am not sure exactly what they meant. I mean what could be more fun between your legs than a bike.

This has to be my (McC) personal favourite.

Too true, everything looks a little less rushed and a bit nicer from the saddle of a bike...don't you agree.

If you have any more pic then post a link in the comments below or simply send them to our Facebook page or by mail to

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