Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Some bicycle stuff we thinks is cool and some early Martyn Ashton Videos...

During our time running the Facebook group Two Wheels Better we have been sent loads of pics and links and videos and we don't always get the time to post them all.  Also the algorythm on Facebook is designed to throttle back your exposure if people don't like your pics.  This unfortunately means that some of our favourite pics and videos never get seen on the page so we have decided to start posting some of them on here again.

So this is our December round up of stuff that didn't quite make the Facebook page.

Before there was ever a Road Bike Party 2 or even a Road Bike Party, the two Martyn's along with a certain Mr Rob Warner starred in this bad boy....Chainspotting.

Here are some of the coolest bike related pics that we didn't manage to post on the page this month too;

It's internet gold a cat doing something comical on a bike +1000 cool points surely

What is wrong with this BMX, apart from the fact that it is very white and would be murder to keep clean

On the subject of keeping stuff clean...have you cleaned your bike recently

Finally we are getting really bored with all of the hate that goes on between Cyclists and Drivers so we are going to make it our mission to kill those drivers.......with KINDNESS (sneaky huh)

Keep sending us stuff on our Facebook page and we will keep posting it.


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