Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Possibly the worst "Adrenaline" video in the world ever

Is this the worst "adrenaline video" ever?  Someone, who shall remain nameless, sent this to me as an example of a cool video. I shall leave you to judge that for yourself but please notice the disharmony between  the hard rock,  the size of the car and the fact that the engine *sniggers* sounds like an angry midgey (mosquito).

REVO from Ashley Polanco on Vimeo.

How about this piece of exciting RC video all 41 minutes of it watching some cars go round a tiny track..who makes this stuff

rc car buggy reims from tallars on Vimeo.

I am afraid to say that the world of the four wheeled just leaves me cold.  They all have big man small......car syndrome.

The only car that has ever really excited me is this one...and why is that?

Because Two Wheels are Better

(Ok I see the third wheel but it doesn't fit the theme and it is bolted to a scooter)

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